Shall We Date: Ninja Love – Hanzo

June 18, 2013 § 6 Comments

intro1I’ve always been a fan of Japanese sim games like this (called 乙女ゲエム “otome game”) because I am actually a romantic nerd and Japanophile. When Shall We Date: Ninja Love got updated with Hanzo Hattori’s main story yesterday, I went into fangirl mode and could not stop grinning like a idiot throughout the whole day. I’ve been wishing and complaining to my girlfriends who play the same game why NTT Solmare (the company who makes these sim games) wouldn’t make Hanzo’s story available to play. Now my wish came true.

profileNow before reading this walkthrough, I hope that you have played the other characters’ stories. Why? So that you’ll better understand Hanzo as a person at work, and the chemistry between the other ninjas and him.

Though having said that, the last time I played this game was LAST YEAR, but. I think I know Hanzo like a best friend, heh.

Hanzo, as you know, is the leader of the Iga ninjas. He’s the heir to the Hattori household, which is kind of like one of those big-name families with power and influence. Among the five ninjas playable in this game, Hanzo is the oldest of the lot (I would guess his age is around mid-thirties), and throughout the other main stories you’ll notice that Sasuke and Goemon always tease him about his age. He has an animal sidekick called Hayatemaru, which is a falcon.

Hanzo’s story is set days after the defeat of Nobunaga at Konnouji Temple (which is the scene at the last few chapters in the other stories), so it is very important to finish the other ninjas’ stories first before attempting this.

Here are the bonus pictures from choosing the correct answers at the choice stages:


event2Yep, there are only two of them.

One thing about this game is, no matter how you answer the choice stages, if you get at least three of the answers right, you will get the happy ending. I am inclined to believe that it is WAY MORE DIFFICULT to get the normal and bad endings (if there ever was one) for Hanzo than the happy ending, in which you will get this bonus picture:

endingYay naked Hanzo!

Even though it’s so easy to get the happy ending, I will still list out the correct answers for each choice stage as Hanzo’s reactions to the princess’ action are pretty golden.

You should get angry.
You’re not scary!
I’m naked!
You’re like an older brother!
I can’t leave you here!
That’s not all?

Getting at least half of the answers correct will give you the happy ending.

And that is all.
But do check out the two new side stories as well! Hanzo’s parts are included! And they are pretty hilarious, I must say.


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